For this contest, I want to work on something that I've had in mind for a while and mentioned on the chats: a platform for creating game content that allows users to independently develop their own games/details about characters. Specifically, the user will create a character using my customization system. This will be written in ICE for the TI-84 Plus CE. The character is a standard appvar that can be interpreted by other peoples' games. Therefore, you could use the same character across multiple games and have those different games "interact" in a way through your character. The character appvar would also eventually store other things like money, quests, games played, etc. Most of my time will be spent making the character creator but I will also make an example program that shows how a game could read character data and change game-play based on it.

I will have screenshots soon of the editor, but I think I'll do it like this: all the different sprites that are chosen are stacked on top of each other on the screen (body is on the bottom, clothes are on top, then hair, etc.) To store the character, I'll simply copy data from the screen (using the screen as my memory so I don't have to worry about overlapping the sprites myself, if that makes sense) into the appvar.
Here's a start to what I want the character creation to look like. Each part will allow you to select its color from the palette. Right now I only have the body on the screen.

Which brings me to my problem:

I need to copy data into a sprite, but no matter what I try it crashes. Right now I have an empty 32*32 sprite defined. I loop through a for loop to try to copy 1024 bytes of data into it.

For(A, 0, 1023)
CopyData(BLANK+A, 1, 100)

In this example, I am trying to make the sprite a solid square filled with the color 100.
I know that the sprite has 1026 bytes allocated, so is that a reason it is not working? Could it be the +A part? I really don't know.
The first two bytes are the sprite dimensions. Change BLANK+A to BLANK+A+2 and it should work.
Thanks for the help, I got the sprites working. Here is character creation. Eventually you will be able to select between different styles of the hair, shirt, etc. Right now I have the color selection working:

Looks good. Smile
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