Like always, there were a ton of great projects worked on last October. Make sure you check out the project topics and show support for them!

Note: Due to the fact that only one project (Google Apps Script (Google Sheets) Chat Program) was completed this month, there will be no poll and that project will win by default.

  • Black Jack 84: bdoggamer began working on a calulator version of the popular card game Blackjack, or 21! This game features some nice looking graphics utilizing the monochrome graph screen. It's written in pure TI-Basic, so go check out the thread!

  • Calculatormon CE - A pokemon game: KellerWheat continued progress on this excellent looking Pok√©mon game for the CE calulators. More content and improved animations were added this month, as well as some bug fixes. Feel free to try it out yourself using the GitHub link in the first post!

  • CETris, another Tetris game for the TI84CE: Minxrod posted about CETris, a very impressive and highly customizeable Tetris game, written in Assembly for the CE series. This month he showed off a demo of the game, which looks great! Go and check out the source, or build it for yourself using the linked GitHub repository!

  • FireHauzer (Shooter RPG): SomeCoolGuy began work on a third-person style shooter/shoot 'em up game. The topic includes a cool opening screen and menu, and this project looks like it could have potential. Go chekc out the thread and show some support for the project!

  • Google Apps Script (Google Sheets) Chat Program: CamelCode started and completed a project that uses Google Sheets to let you chat with friends during class. This project makes use of the scripting feature in Google Sheets, and is certainly more effective than using a shared Google Doc. Sheck out the thread for some more details or to check it out for yourself!

  • Latest News on TI-Trek: ACagliano continued to work on this multiplayer game based on Star Trek! This month the user interface was improved and a GUI customizer was begun on the website. This is a massive project which would be the first online multiplayer game for the CE, so go check out the website linked in the topic!

  • Microtonal chiptune synth: SopaXorzTaker started work on a chiptune synth. This application has some great features so far, and SopaXorzTaker has posted some songs made with this tool as well. Go check out the thread for more details, and show some support!

  • Nonsense - An esolang: kg583 posted about this esoteric programming language based around the English language. This language has some unique features that set it apart, including different uses for vowels, consonants, and punctuation. See the topic for more details and the GitHub repo!

  • Nuclear Reactor Simulator, Fusion Edition [TI84+ CE C]: SM84CE got started on remaking this simulator program in the C language. The original version had a ton of features, so this one can only get better! Go to the thread to show some support!

  • Random Demos: jacobly and MateoConLechuga both posted some cool videos demonstrating what is possible with the USB libraries that are in development. Go check out the thread to see videos playing on calculators, and show some support for these upcoming libraries!

  • Scroll Hunter - A Side Scroller: Argus posted about a project originally meant for CC23, a side scrolling ninja game! This game has some really nice graphics, which you can see in the screenshot. Go check out the topic to see more and show your support for the project!

  • System/I MICRON Progress Thread: tergav17 continued to work on this OS that will work on monochrome calculators. This month more commands were added to the console, and it looksl like this project is almost complete! Check out the thread to see some video demos of this OS in action!

  • TI-Planet's "Project Builder" with online CE C/C++: Adriweb posted an update about the Project Builder, a popular tool for online CE C development and debugging. This update has a bunch of new features and bug fixes, including some updates to WebCEmu. Go check it out for yourself if you haven't already!

  • TLoZ: 8-Bit Echoes (TI-84+ CE/CSE) (in development): Coding Enthusiast continued progress on this CE/CSE game based on the Zelda franchise. This month the maps were expanded and improved, as well as a map editor. This project is really starting to take shape, so go check out the topic!

  • Zaalane's Various Demos: Zaalane began to post about some cool graphical demos for the CE! These demos look very cool and run smoothly, so they might be of use to a programmer looking for some effects to use. Check out the topic to see screenshots and see the source code at the GitHub repository.

Great job to all the creators of these projects, and stay tuned for the November PotM!
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