After the recent code golf challenges, I decided to write a code golf guide for TI-BASIC, for people who already know the language but not some of the obscure tricks.

There's something written on most tokens, as well as a couple of techniques I've found helpful over the few dozen code golf problems I've solved. I'm less confident about string manipulation and strategy in choosing optimal approaches, so feedback in those areas (as well as to fix errors) is appreciated.

Link to guide

Edit: Moved the guide from gdrive to Gist for Markdown support.
Not trying to necropost, but I'm very interested in this! It seems the link is down. Do you still have this guide?

Also, in talking about making an offline TI-BASIC interpreter, I was told you made an autogolfer of sorts for BASIC. Does it just search algebraic sections for optimizations, or does it truly interpret the code?
Link to guide
Permanent link to guide
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