_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Oxiti8 wrote:
Scratch 3, 2,086 bytes

How exactly are you counting bytes in Scratch? The rules I'm familiar with involve converting to a separate language, then counting bytes in that.

I just looked at the .sb3 file's filesize
We didn't get to 100, but we got pretty far! Very Happy (Better than I thought we would reach at least Razz)
Now for the Userbars!

Rank A:

Winners: Jacobly, Privacy_Dragon

Rank B:


Rank C:

Winners: Michael0x18. mr womp womp

Rank D:

Winners: beckadamtheinventor (plus Michael0x18 or mr womp womp if they prefer this rank)

Rank E:

Winners: CommandBlockGuy, fghsgh, iPhoenix, Andrew314

Thanks for all who entered!
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