So i know how a computer works (adders, registers, etc), but am looking for a good tutorial on how to transalte that into redstone. Anyone?
(Preferably an 8 but tutorial, but anything goes)
(Also, no command blocks. Im lookin at YOU, commandblockguy!)

I am hoping for either some logic gates and registers, or a full working cpu. Also if anyone on here is willing to waste time on me, my dms are open on discord for this exact purpose.
Make sure you are very familiar with how to make them IRL before translating to redstone. For an ALU, I recommend taking a instant carry adder and "expanding" the functionality for all logic functions. Here's mine: It can do everything you really need: addition, subtraction, bitwise functions, and determine zero/carry/overflow.

For the registry I recommend a duel output registers, as this simplifies a lot of stuff. Here's a design I stole, it stores 8 bytes. I use a similar design (but single output) to store the stack in side the CPU.

Last (and hardest) thing you should implement is the control logic. You can't really design the control logic until everything else is wired together. Remember that if you use a harvard architecture (it's simpler), you could have a very wide instruction size.
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