This game is really fun! Great Job! sadly, I wasn't able to try it out until after I had already voted
Going to revive this topic to tie up some loose ends:

- The French localization of Flambé has been completed and submitted to the archives as part of Flambé V1.1.

With that, I've pretty much finished anything to do with this project. In retrospect, I didn't really need to use Celtic III for this. Heck, all the commands used are from xLib, and if I wasn't in a rush to release this I probably could have done it all in pure TI-BASIC.
I also changed ideas about 3 times throughout the duration of this project- I started out making a game in 68k basic with my (at the time) new TI-89 where you ran a fast-food restaurant via various minigames, then after I discovered my serial port was broken I hastily fell back to my TI-84+ and decided I wanted to try out Celtic III.

As a tip to any new TI-BASIC devs reading this: Don't use big assembly libraries if you're only going to use a couple small commands from them!

Even if some minigames may have looked a little less nice than they do with features like clearing the screen buffer without updating the display like ClrDraw, (as well as having the neat ability to detect what calculator the game was running on), I don't really think it was worth including a massive library for the 2 out of the 4 minigames included.

Live and learn I suppose. Oh and if you're wondering my entry score was 28.0/50
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