I would like to run programs and games, written in either basic, python, or assembly/c on my casio fx-9750giii
However, this site doesn't have a subforum for that calculator.

Do you know of any websites that host programs for these calculators?
(sites that host .cat files don't work, I can't upload those to my calculator)
https://www.planet-casio.com/Fr/programmes/trier_programmes.php?calc=3 would be the best place.

Do you know any english sites?
Cemetech is by far the most active English Casio fx-9750giii website... so you're kinda out of luck.
hmm... I can't find any casio fx-9xxx calculators on this website, only casio prizm. If I'm not mistaken the prizm/CG software isn't compatible because the CG is in color and has a higher resolution screen.

Why is there so much software for the CG, but none for the fx-9xxx ?
Well in fact there are more fx-9750gIII software than for the Prizm, it's just that almost the entire fx-9750gIII community is located in France and Belgium.
hmm... I've found a website that looks promising, and it seems to host a few games.




It's too bad that this website doesn't have more software.
Maybe I'll write some Wink

Edit: do NOT use these programs on a fx-9750giii, they won't work and if you run them you need to take the batteries out of your calculator to reset it. They only work on the fx-9860
I found another source, this one has some basic programs

Edit: These ones do work on the fx-9750giii
I just purchased a 9750 (I’m used to TI, and have a CE and an 83) and am trying to figure out how it all works. Does it have assembly? What are the python capabilities? Is it possible to load you own third party “apps”? Does python have access to the screen? What are the limitations of the flavor of BASIC it uses? I wish I knew French instead of Spanish. XD
The website posted has a lot of great content, plus links to some fairly good tutorials. I would use the example code to elevate your skills at programming that calculator.
Also, sorry for triple-posting, but it would be really nice if Cemetech did have a separate place for the 9750/9860. Does anyone know where I could go/who I could ask to add that? I foresee writing a lot of programs for the 9750 once I have my skates on.
I second this. I replaced my CE with a fx-9750giii and it would be nice if there was a place for these calculators on the cemetech form. It could have tutorials and games.

If there's anybody reading this who could make that happen, it would be appreciated

edit: I found a Website Suggestions forum, and posted a Thread with our suggestion. Hopefully it gets answered!
I need to find a place to appeal to the powers that be of Cemetech to create that.
If you have questions about programming, the manual made by casio is thorough, if a bit dry:


(See chapter 14 for information about python programming: page 14-17, or page 367, explains how to draw to the screen in python)

basically, there's a custom module made by casio called casioplot, so to use it you must include
from casioplot import *
in your file.

The module is pretty sparse, only having five (documented) functions

clears the screen

updates the content on the screen. Note that there is no way to hide the screen once it is shown, and the user must manually exit the program to get out of it.

Sets the pixel at coordinates (x, y) to the given color. The color must be a tuple of RGB values, but since the fx-9xxxgiii has a black and white screen, the only two valid values are:
- (255, 255, 255) - set the pixel to whte
- (0, 0, 0) - set the pixel to black

get_pixel(x, y)
gets the color value of the pixel at coordinates (x, y). This will only ever return (255, 255, 255) for white or (0, 0, 0) for black

draw_text(x, y, s, [color, [size]])
draws the string s with its upper left corner at (x, y), the default color is (0, 0, 0), and the color argument can be one of "medium" or "large", with medium being the default

These functions seem to have been ported from a python implementation on a color calculator, and don't have any advanced drawing functionality, like drawing circles, lines, squares, etc.
I may consider writing my own library for these calculators to extend this functionality somewhat.
If you're interested in C programming, this looks like a good place to start:
Thanks! I’ll put some of my CE projects on hold so I can port some nice stuff to the 9750giii/explore the capabilities.
you'll probably want to install WSL to get the sdk working
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