Happy birthday, mate! Enjoy it!
Happy birthday! Very Happy
(apologies I'm 17 minutes late hehe)
Happy birthday, Roccolox!
Tinyjumper is awesome! Happy birthday!

(lol somehow accidentally deleted my save, and have been trying to regain all the gold times i lost... oof)
It's that time again, so happy birthday Rocco! I hope you have a great time Smile
Happy birthday! Here's to another year of great projects.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Roccolox! Smile
Happy birthday! Keep up the amazing projects.
no one wished Roccolox Programs a birthday this year... Just found this forum so happy extremely late/kind of very early birthday!
Happy birthday, RoccoLox! Have a great day and upcoming year as well Very Happy
Happy birthday!! 🎉
Happy Birthday
Dang, 5 days before mine, but either way happier days to you!
Happy birthday! I love Celtic ce
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
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