For those who want to add wireless charging to your calculator, I've got you covered!
Video instructions are cristal clear and nice mod as previous described in another thread. Does the wireless receiver stays press fitted inside ?
Thank you! I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking, but the receiver does stay firmly in place when you close everything up, it doesn't move around at all!
Staying with the hardware mods, I've released a video showcasing how I fit a speaker on the inside of my calculator and what it sounds like!
TI did a pretty poor job documenting their changes on OS 5.6.0 and OS 5.5.2; I've done it for them. There's even a nice chart on whether you should update or not!
Some of you may have heard me mention yesterday that my 'How to fix errors when sending file to your calculator' video was flagged as having 'inappropriate content' and got taken down.

After ranting about how useless the notification was since I didn't know what part was considered 'inappropriate', I sent an appeal and within the hour I got a reply that the video was reinstated! Very Happy

Appeal wrote:
This video is a tutorial for fixing calculators and does not violate YouTube's community guidelines for inappropriate content.
It contains no ones personal information.
It contains no nudity or sexual content.
It has no foul language.
None of the links are spam nor malicious; all the software is free and is widely used.
None of the guidelines for inappropriate content have been broken and this is clearly a false strike.

How to Jailbreak, downgrade, install ASMHOOK, and Cesium right here! Get it while it's hot!
I had a bit of a hiccup and accidentally uploaded this video early. Nevertheless, here's how to use Transfer to send files to your calculator!
Oh man, I grinded for 5 days straight to get this video's script wrote, scene's shot, and fully edited.

As you can see, the back to school crowd always at least doubles my view counts so I had to get this done as soon as I could to catch the wave.
I'm going to need a bit of a break from editing now but until next time, here's my recommendations on TI-84's students should get for high school:
I finally got time to finish my TI-84 KE video which I started... over a year ago? Man, time is hard to come by these days. Hope you enjoy it!
A record company copyrighted a song in my old 'send gameboy games to your calculator' video. The annoying part is the song didn't use to be copyrighted. I tried removing just the song, but it destroyed the voiceover as well. This meant I needed to make a completely new one! Thankfully this didn't take too long to make!
(Only royalty free music from YouTube's Creator Music program was used this time!)
Normally I'd say using any of my music in calculator videos is ok, but since I distributed it on Youtube Music I am worried that your videos would get content ID and end up losing you monetization. I guess eventually someone could try with one video just to see what happens but it would suck if the video got popular but couldn't be monetized by its author.

In the past, a Belgium TV station claimed ownership of my grainy TI-Nspire DOOM video that got nearly 1 million views. It has since been fixed, though. Before the fix the video was unavailable in Belgium.
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