In the bright new years of the 2010s some friends and I got together and were doing tons of creative things, and one of those endeavors was writing songs. Now some of those songs I have kept for a project I have slowly been working on since then, but a few songs made it into a band we had called Worldwide Adventurers with a series of YouTube videos and whatnot to create a whole little world. Sadly life moves at the pace it does, and the project didn't go on as long as it could have.

My best friend and the lead of the project still makes music, but these songs will always be some of the closest to my heart. Linked is the 3 song EP on YouTube but the music is also on Spotify and the like.
Here's a playlist of the three songs on YouTube

If you ask me, The Captain's March is the best track, but that may very well be because I wrote the thing. Who knows.

I don't think I have ever shared these here, but I am still proud of them to this day. I had looked at getting a physical release put together for the anniv, but short of me burning CDs on my own, or mass recording cassettes ( the latter is more feasible actually ) I didn't find any options that would be affordable and that people would want.

Finally, if you have heard these songs before ( most likely The Pirate Shanty ) then let me know! Rumor has it they get tossed around along with bands like The Oh Hello's and that gives me warm fuzzy feelings cause I adore that band.
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