Greetings, I am using PrizmSdk on Windows, I have successfully carried out several tests, seeing examples
and sources from other programs, but now I want to incorporate the OpenLibm library into my project
in order to have several mathematical functions and not have to create them from scratch, but I don't have the slightest idea how to do it
where to start. Someone who can give me some guidance, as I said, I use Windows and I don't know anything about Linux, thank you.
Can you follow the steps from under "Building manually"?

If not, what issues/errors do you have?
ok I already have OpenLibm downloaded, I see that it has a Makefile,
the moment of installation manaul where it says
# Example 1: Use the compiler's internal folder
% COMPILER_DIR="$(sh-elf-gcc --print-file-name=.)"
# Example 2: Using the fxSDK's custom setup
% LIBDIR="$(fxsdk path lib)"
% INCDIR="$(fxsdk path include)"

I must create a Makefile or create a .bat file to execute these lines, sorry if they are very
stupid questions.?
run in .bat with this information but I get this error when running it
make.exe USEGCC=1 TOOLPREFIX=sh3eb-elf- AR=sh3eb-elf-gcc-ar CC=sh3eb-elf-gcc \
libdir="C:\PrizmSDK\lib" includedir="C:\PrizmSDK\include" \
install-static-superh install-headers-superh


process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, uname, ...) failed. pipe: No error
"sed" is not recognized as an internal or external command,
executable program or batch file.
"sed" is not recognized as an internal or external command,
This is because you don't have sed (a Linux utility) installed.

You might be able to find a Windows version, e.g. this one:
Having said that I haven't tested it (don't use Windows) so have no idea if it is safe or works.
ok thanks, another question if I can compile it in linux, then can I bring the files for windows or would they not be compatible?
Ghiber wrote:
ok thanks, another question if I can compile it in linux, then can I bring the files for windows or would they not be compatible?

It's compiling a library for the calculator, so as long as you use the same version of GCC I would think it's fine. Again I haven't tested, but if you have the opportunity you could give it a go.
Tangential to your questions (dr-carlos is doing a great job helping!):

If you're up for learning, you might have an easier time using Linux via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) than trying to collect tools piecemeal, since it's a nicely integrated way to run Linux tools on Windows. If you're unable or unwilling to use WSL for some reason, MSYS2 provides basically any tool you'd need in a way that can run on Windows.
Yes, Tari is very much right - a lot of the more powerful Prizm tools are simply designed for Linux and you will have a much better time installing them with some kind of Linux implementation, whether it be WSL or MSYS2.
Very grateful for all your proposals and recommendations.
No problem, let us know if you have any further questions or issues!
Hello again, with WSL I am already in Linux, following the steps in the tutorials, I managed to put everything together to generate a plugin, so far everything is fine, continuing with my main point I also managed to compile OpenLibm and generate the libm.a and libopenlibm.a libraries with its headers, when generating a test using <openlibm_math.h> and placing makefile LDFLAGS -lm, I get an error when trying to use any mathematical function, for example "Undefined reference _pow" that I am missing, thank you.
Interesting. I'm not really sure what the problem is, but it sounds like it's finding the header but not linking the library.
Are the libm.a and libopenlibm.a binaries in somewhere the compiler is searching? You may need to add -L/path/to/prizmsdk/libdir to your gcc compilation/linking command (where /path/to/prizmsdk/libdir is the directory where libm.a and openlibm.a are located).
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