As part of our ongoing decommissioning of the `Amethyst` server that has been serving us well over the last eleven and a half years, we have moved the Cemetech Minecraft server to a new, nearly dedicated machine shared only with the Unreal Tournament server. Although more resource-constrained than Amethyst, this new machine doesn't have to share with a multitude of web servers, gCn, and other services, and we'll be looking forward to seeing how it performs.

We have taken this opportunity to upgrade to 1.20.4 at the same time; special thanks to ACagliano for independently verifying which plugins needed to be upgraded on his own server. We still need to set up our scheduled tasks, like daily restarts, forced saves, Abba world regens, and backups, and edit the dynmap configuration to be a little more disk-space-efficient, but we're otherwise back in business.
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