(R)PN (P)HP 1

HTTPS access: https://www.lucidapogee.com/rp1
HTTP access: http://www.http.lucidapogee.com/rp1

RP1 is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator written in PHP. It has a few special features.

- Supports BASIC like expressions
- Supports variables named A-Z
- Variables persist on page
- Prints steps in postfix
- Purely written in PHP
- No javascript or ads present on calculator page
- Available for https and http browsers

Functions are ABS(), INT(), SQR(), SIN() COS(), TAN(), ATN(), LOG(), EXP(), SGN(), ROUND(), PRIME(), FACTORIAL(), RND, and PI.

Operator precedence is NOT(), ^, MOD, *, /, +, -, <, >, <=, >=, =, <>, XOR, AND, and OR.

The # symbol inserts the last evaluation in an expression.

Denote a hexidecimal value with the &H prefix.

Bitwise operations are not supported.

If anyone finds problems with something, please let me know so I may try making improvements.
Long awaited update!

Handling of negation has been improved.
Operations display is now complete and optional.
Hexidecimal notation and evaluation is now supported.
The # symbol inserts the last evaluation in an expression.
User interface has been improved.
Backend errors are fixed.
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