I do not have the following abilities:

1) I cannot view a file before accepting/rejecting it.

2) I have no way of deleting a file from the archives

3) When it shows up that there is a filein the pending, the number was gonna link directly to the pending que.

I think that is it for the moment...
1. Already on the to-do list
2. Already on the to-do list
3. Ah yes, had forgotten about that
speaking of which Kerm, would you be willing to help on my File Archives script (I still feel like web coding, even if I can't publish my work right now).
So Kerm...how far down your to-do list is making my username blue and adding a diamond to it? (Or has it fallen off the list Laughing)

I wonder how long this has been on your to-do list...

They're special, reversible LEDs, ok? Very Happy
I think the blue username has risen to the top of my list... on the other side of the world, having fallen completely off the bottom through the center of the earth and back up to the far, far end of the list.
Warning: move_uploaded_file(../archives/82/basic/games/aod82.zip): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cemetech/public_html/programs/upload.php on line 80

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpc3XHWW' to '../archives/82/basic/games/aod82.zip' in /home/cemetech/public_html/programs/upload.php on line 80
There was an error uploading the file, please try again! (1)

That is the error I get when trying to upload aod82.zip to the 82 section...
Ah, I see I missed permissions on a folder. My mistake.
Wait, no, that wasn't it. There was no such folder.
Hmm... possible bug, not really sure but...

I seem to not be accumulating any dl stats for files that were co authored... You have too many dls to check yours Kerm, unless you have the time to compare files that you yourself have done, and ones that have been "grouped".
Hmm, I thought I had fixed that already. Razz I'll have to check it again.
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