I just have a few problems with the site, the first is the strangest and most recent (maybe a week or two ago it started).

1) I cannot access the site from home (the server connection times out). I don't know why it would do so.
2) I get random 403 Errors (probably known about) as well as sometimes, the CSS fails to load and the fonts change.

I have no idea what could be happening in either case, but I'd just like to put it out.

@Kerm: If you want ot ask more specifics, I can give them over AIM (kirb31415) or IRC (the former is more likely).
1. Firewall? ISP DNS issues? These and more are possible.
2. I had that about a week ago, but it went away in about an hour. I think elfprince was experiencing it as well. I blame my host.
I think everyone has. I was out for about 2-3 days one time because of the 403 errors.
I get 403's all the time. I just keep hitting refresh until it works
I don't get 403's at all on this site.
The "quick links" button isn't working...
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