Haha, that sounds like an amusing idea, Rivereye. Very Happy
I have to do something while I wait for an admin to get around and deal with the bot.
I've been wondering this for a while... How do bots work? I guess you could have an html page with the forum in a frame, and you could automatically redirect it to a 'post reply' link with javascript, but how does the text get entered into the post, and how is it submitted?
i do not know for sure, but i bet it is a specially made comp program not a webpage that does it
SourceCoder2, come explain it for me.
KermMartian wrote:

Kerm has a bot called SourceCoder2 designed to post here.
KermMartian has just edited this program. The source code now reads:

:Disp "woof!
:Disp "You called, Kerm?
:Disp "
:Disp "It's actually a relatively simple process.
:Disp "SourceCoder2 happens to use a PHP script,
:Disp "but it would more efficient in something like Python
:Disp "or better yet, C++.
:Disp "All you need is a series of fopen()s and fwrite()s.
:Disp "I could release the SC2 XPI code if you guys wanted
:Disp "to take a look at how it works.
:Disp "--Kerm
This is an automatic post from SourceCoder 2. Report abuse to admin@cemetech.net . You can disable these posts by unchecking the "Post on Update" box in the file\'s permissions.
=P The sourcecoder 2 bot is awesome Wink
I must admit, I had to fake it this time. It turns out I broke the bot when I added the TI-89 stuff; I'll work on fixing that when I have time.
What did it do exactly?
Wow, you can do it in python or C++? That's cool. I figured it had to be all client side web programming.
Harq wrote:
What did it do exactly?
It's registered on Omnimaga, UTI, Revsoft, Maxcoderz, here, SFGP, rivereye's defunct site, and alex10819's site. It autodetects the forum type, logs in, finds the specified topic, opens the reply page, checks the form item names, fakes a POST request with the post data, and makes sure it receives a success message.
I don't think it was on my old forum at all.
rivereye wrote:
I don't think it was on my old forum at all.

or mine....
no way in hell Im manually deleting 3 and half pages of bot accounts.

kerm, you want to run this for us now that we aren't gonna get any more of them registering?

DELETE * FROM phpbb_users where active=0
Deleted rows: 79 (Query took 0.0303 sec)

SQL query: DELETE FROM `forum_users` WHERE `user_active` =0 AND `user_id` <> -1
I am a moderator of my Forum. Diablo2.com/forum. Lately we have had tons of spam bots. I mentioned this on IRC last night and elf prince gave me his phpBB mod. Would it be possible to rewrite this for vBulletin?

for example. Last night I deleted 6 bots and almost 20 posts in about 20 minutes. We have a timer that allows you to have to wait 30 seconds between each post, but that is the best we have. Our lower admins have tried other vBulletin mods, but they usually break half the site.
One prevention I'm a fan of recently is that new users can't have outgoing links in their posts (or signature?) until a post count is reached.

And holy necro-bump. But it's on topic so I'm not too worried about it Smile
Kerm told me to necro bump. so. haha. But yes that would be nice.
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