This is my current TGUI routine (Text GUI). I tried to make it as small and fast as possible, but are there any more optimizations I could do?

That weird small 'E' == the 2nd-Comma 'E' (whatever the heck it's called).

Menu (finally made it display more than eight items now - yay!)
Returns selected item in Ans and X.

Numerical Input
<lower bound> -> U
<upper bound> -> V
"1<default number>
Returns selected number in Ans and X.

Text Evaluation Wrapper
Return entered text (or evaluation) in Str7.

BASIC Code wrote:
:If Ans=1
:Goto 1
:If Ans=2
:Goto 2
:DelVar W{0→A
:Repeat max(PMT={21,22
:If nMin≥length(Str7
:DelVar W0→nMin
:If not(max(nMin=∟A
:Repeat θMin>8 or nMin≥length(Str7
:Repeat X<1 or X>θMin or max(PMT={21,22,105
:Repeat Ans
:If Ans≠π and Ans≤θMin
:If X≥1:Then
:If W:Then
:DelVar XW-1→W
:DelVar Str7Ans-1+8(W-1→X
:If PMT=22:‾1→X
:Lbl 1
:Repeat max(Ans={21,105,22
:Repeat Ans
:DelVar Str7PMT→X
:Lbl 2
:Input Str7
:If X:Then
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Insanity wrote:
That weird small 'E' == the 2<sup>nd</sup>-Comma 'E' (whatever the heck it's called).

Exponent (for scientific notation).

BASIC Code wrote:
:If Ans=1
:Goto 1
:If Ans=2
:Goto 2

Space optimization: Switch lines A and B and remove line C, and take out the " →W " from line A. This puts that value in Ans without using the W variable, which only gets deleted later. Saves 4 bytes.
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