At Long Last, Cemetech Becomes a Real Website
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 8 months ago (2005-10-19T04:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

Finally, after having existed for five years and going through a variety of hosts and domains, Cemetech is now settled into a true top-level domain and reliable, bandwidth- and space-rich hosting. I am overjoyed that this important step has been made, and I think it warrants a review of Cemetech's major milestones.

Cemetech began its theoretical life as C-Tech (or CTech) in about 1998 as a company to create the inventions I came up with. I started out designing and inventing on my own until 2000, when friends offered some suggestions for cool gadgets they might want. That year, the newly-christened Cemetech (a combination of my initials, a friend's initials, and suggesting both "chemical" and "technical" - two types of engineering that are vital for inventing) found itself for the first time online. became its first host at In fact, if you visit, you can still see the last remnants of the site. This was long before I knew HTML, and there was a poor design, simply archives, and no forum. However, it was my first website, and I was proud of it. I continued to maintain that periodically until 2001, when I first broke into the calculator programming scene. My first programs were published on around mid-March 2001, including GuessIt and other similar newbie fare. I didn't start to create a new website until late 2002, when I created my first Geocities account. This was a revelation for me, and I was impressed that I could finally create a more-than-three page website. I taught myself HTML concurrent with the freshman computer class at my high school in 2001, so I felt fairly well-prepared to make a superior website. The first geocities website, created at, was a typical techie black background, white text site. Interestingly, the hierarchy of pages was somewhat similar to the current one, although all the pages were top-level except for the archives, which were arranged almost exactly as the archives here I am currently phasing out are. I, along with most of the calculator community, also discovered the .tk free domain forwarding/masking, so the domain became shortened to The site got deleted accidentally in 2003, was briefly restored, then recreated in a similar form to the current one at, though all in HTML and Javascript and with only a rudimentary message board from an off-site script host. July 2004 brought an InvisionFree forum that I gradually integrated into the rest of the website with user tools and the login box in the sidebar. I dealt with the awkwardness of having that until March 2005 when Patl offered to hook me up with free, adless hosting from For half a year since then Cemetech has been found at On June 1, 2005, I bought and made it redirect to my site. I also began to integrate the new phpBB forum into the site and heavily modify it to support the entire site with a PHP template system. Finally in the early fall of 2005 I began to search for a low-cost but feature-rich paid host, keeping in mind that I would be willing to use one without 24x7 support in exchange for a lower price. I finally found, offering 1.5GB of storage and 30GB of monthly bandwidth for a mere $30, and including all the features that I wanted such as PHP, unlimited emails, unlimited subdomains, etc.

So here we are at the dawning of a new era for Cemetech, and I'm happy to have you all on board for it. Welcome to the new Cemetech.