Cemetech Contest #6
Published by KermMartian 15 years, 1 month ago (2009-01-12T19:25:42+00:00) | Discuss this article

Once again it is time for a Cemetech contest. After extensive discussion the users of Cemetech decided this contest should be to create a program with "utility." That is, there is no limitation on what a program can be or do, but instead of being graded on conformance to a particular category, your entry will be graded on how useful it is, be it a math, science, engineering, studying, conversion, or whatever program. Secondary criteria will be size, speed, graphics/interface, and stability. As with the previous contest, the judges will be KermMartian and The Tari. The contest starts now, and the deadline is midnight on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2009. Pure BASIC, hybrid, and pure ASM entries are all accepted, but please note that hybrid and pure ASM entries will be graded separately from pure BASIC, so there will be a BASIC winner and a hybrid/ASM winner. Please also refer to the general Cemetech contest rules for some basic guidelines. As with all previous contests, entries should be emailed to con00st@ceme00ch.net, where both '00's are replaced with 'te'; please submit only a .zip containing your program, source code (if applicable) and a readme. Grading will take into account a clear, concise readme.

Edit: You can now view the discussion and comments about this contest in ticalc.org's article.

Cemetech Contest 6