SAX "Dupe Aborted" Bug Fixed
Published by KermMartian 14 years, 2 months ago (2010-04-09T05:14:08+00:00) | Discuss this article

Many of you have vociferously complained to me about a long-standing bug in SAX, the Simultaneous Asynchronous eXchange, our very own cross-site, Web-to-IRC AJAX chat platform embedded on almost every Cemetech page. Up until a few months ago, users would occasionally get strings of duplicates when sending or receiving messages. I uncovered a few unhandled oddities in the designed flow of control within the Javascript for the system, and tossed in a few debug messages. The "Dupe Aborted" message was intended as a notification that due to unforeseen circumstances, a new XMLHttpRequest call was being made to check for new lines to display before the previous call had completed. Due to schoolwork constraints, most notably the arduous task that has been my Master's thesis, the "bug" (really a notification of a bug rather than a bug in and of itself) remained in SAX. It particularly plagued those users on slow or loaded connections. Today, following the successful completion of my thesis forty-eight hours ago, I managed to trace the remaining SAX bugs and hopefully solve them. Network lag that would have caused towers of Dupe Aborted messages are now gracefully handled with the message shown below, which disappears once congestion clears. Please make sure you clear your browser cache if you're still seeing Dupe Aborted messages, and post in the associated topics if you have any problems.