[Prizm] Tetrizm v1.0
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 4 months ago (2012-02-02T16:11:43+00:00) | Discuss this article

You love the game of Tetris on every platform, from your computer to your GameBoy to your TI calculator, so why not enjoy it in brilliant color on your Casio Prizm calculator? Featuring fast-paced gameplay, four play modes, high score tracking, and much more, this game is sure to be a permanent addition to your Prizm. In Marathon mode, try to complete lines for as long as possible as your score and the speed increase. High Speed mode ups the ante with faster drops at lower levels. If you want to start out in a bad situation, try Touchdown mode. With Collapse mode, you can set up giant stacks of tetrominos to score many lines at once. And to really torture yourself, see how long you can last with no line pieces in Sadistic mode. A few months in the making and a mere 185KB, this highly-polished game is a must for your Prizm, and incorporates thorough research into the original versions of Tetris to provide a fun and accurate gaming experience. Although I wrote almost all of this game, a special hat-tip to my coauthor tifreak8x for his testing and motivation, and to the other Cemetech beta-testers for their detailed feedback on beta versions.

Tetrizm v1.0 for the Casio Prizm
Tetrizm v1.0 gameplay video [Youtube]