Projects of the Month: July 2014
Published by tifreak8x 9 years, 10 months ago (2014-08-01T11:38:50+00:00) | Discuss this article

Here we are at the end of July, and what a news post this is turning out to be! This month's edition of Projects of the Month will include updates posted to the contest entries for the Cemetech Contest 12: Educational Shenanigans. Check'em out, and encourage those participants to update their posts with their latest progress and screenshots! And let this be a reminder! If you haven't already posted up your contest entry to the forums, you need to do so as soon as possible! If you don't get your post created by August 12th, then you won't be able to enter!

Contest #12 entries posted in July:
  • The Ultimate Music Theory Trainer: pimathbrainiac chose a music theory trainer as his subject for the contest. At last reply, spriting was completed, but nothing else has been mentioned since.
  • CBCRTR (Circuit Board Creator): 16aroth6 chose to write up a circuit board creator system, with graphical interface for circuit design and teaching tools. His topic includes a couple of nice looking screenshots, showing what the board looks like new and with a circuit implemented.
  • A whole new perspective: Matrefeytontias is writing up a tutorial and teacher of sorts, to show off things he's learned about 3D programming, involving "trig, intersection between 3D objects, vectors, tears, romance and violence.". This is aimed at giving you, the user, the basics of 3D. Give it a check out, and watched the animated screenshot he's shared showing off his work to present.
  • Rokkits!: Yackback has selected to discuss rockets and all awesome things about rockets and physics! Sadly, there hasn't been anything posted about in progress since the initial posting, so go poke him and get him to post about his project!
  • Basic Handbook: Gudenau has taken on a BASIC teacher to teach users how to program BASIC on their calculators. An icon for DCS7 and around 150 lines of code has been added.
  • Le Element Teacher: Asian is working on an element teacher for the CSE, giving various modes to teach you elements and various aspects of them.
  • Earth Impact: Ordelore has chosen to take on a STEM behind Hollywood item for the Nspire, and post it to the 83+/84+ line.
  • Element Teacher: Calcguy123 is also doing an Element Teaching program. He's programmed in quite the intensive quiz program, so you'll have to know your stuff before you tackle it! Additional data may be added to the program, pending he takes advantage of libraries or not.
  • Survival: APotato is writing a survival simulation program where you create an organism via choices and you try to keep it alive through various natural issues.
  • Resistor Calculator: Contest entry by geekboy1011, this project allows the user to chose the color bands on a resistor to get the values of what the resistor would be. Some pretty screenshots show off the functionality of the program so far, so make sure to go in and let geekboy1011 know what you think!
  • Logic Sim: Posted up by Unknownloner, this promises to test users by having them build a circuit based on truth tables for inputs and outputs. At this point, it's just thoughts and theories, so keep tabs on the topic to see updates!
  • Bit Manipulation: pyrotechnic has joined us to post up his contest entry, a program that will help explain bit manipulation for programmers, to help them understand bit operations to manipulate data.

Non-contest related projects in July:
  • Cookie Clicker Prizm: Spenceboy98 had a moment of boredom and decided to undertake the calling of the cookies. Cookie Clicker for the Prizm is a port or clone (some confusion as to what we're calling it at this time) is to be an accurate as possible representation of the original game, Cookie Clicker. I have to say, the graphics are outstandingly similar to the original. As one that hasn't really played the game personally, I'll just have to leave it up to you to decide how amazing this game is.
  • TI-84+CSE Mode7 test: Just one thing that needs to be asked about this update: Isn't this the most beautiful thing to hit the 84PCSE since it came out? Those screenshots just leave one wanting more, showing off the beginnings of Mario Kart. I for one hope tr1p1ea will be kind enough to at least give us a 1 map racing game, I'll play it over and over, just for reasons.
  • Flags Database: An update was released to allow searching within the database by pressing a letter key, and being 'fast forwarded' to the page where those letters start.
  • Age of Darkness: Prizm Edition: Age of Darkness, one of tifreak8x's oldest projects, has now found its way on to the Casio Prizm. It's a simple homescreen based rpg where you travel various lands,fight monsters and make yourself stronger to fight off the Enemy. Currently in beta, until there are no bugs confirmed in the game.
  • JPEG image viewer for the Prizm: A rewrite is in progress, using different libraries due to compatibility issues for GCC.
  • Doors CSE 8.1: KermMartian has released version 8.1 of Doors CSE, furthering the feature sets that this awesome shell brings to programmers and users alike.
  • Calcopoly: Calcopoly has been picked back up, this time focusing more on the monochrome version to do some catching up to the color edition. Both versions now show the cursor moving completely around the board. The monochrome version is now capable of displaying the project cards for each project - and has all the community chest and chance cards programmed in.
  • 256 byte snake: Unknownloner took on a challenge of writing a Snake clone to fit within 256 bytes, using asm. I'd have to say the results are fairly impressive, to say the least. Simple as you can get, and takes up very little in memory, no doubt a must have for calc game players!
  • Robot War 2: Digitan, of the famed United TI, is back and breathing life into an old project and his plans for 2014 updates looks pretty fantastic! Let's hope he can do it!
  • Block Paint CSE: Another project by ohernandez, this is a painting tool that he is developing to better his xlibc programming skills. It looks nice now, and it already has a release for you to check out and offer feedback for.
  • Lambda Calculus App: A newer member of our forums has posted up an interesting mathematical project for the HP Prime. Honestly, I have no idea what the math is for, because it goes over my head at this time, but it looks cool, and they have some plans to make it more awesome! so if you have a prime and this kind of mathy stuff interests you, you should check it out!
  • Source Coder 3: KermMartian has been inspired by work being done with the Prizm to help give it some upgrades. For starters, it now better supports .g3m files, with an eventual support of .g1m files in the nearish future. The next upgrade comes in the form of creating usermade .g3p image files for the Prizm. Some debate is on going on whether multiple formats will be supported, due to not wanting Casio to lock future platforms down from development, so jump on over and add your opinion to the ongoing discussion over this issue.
  • nKaruga: A project in the works for the Nspire requiring Ndless, this is a port of Ikaruga, a shoot'em up game released on several platforms. The screenshot shows some impressive graphics on the Nspire so far, with more to come as matrefeytontias is able to add them!

So! That's that for this month! Make sure you let them authors know your thoughts on their projects, whether it be just encouragement, or constructive feedback! We're sure they'd appreciate it.