Projects of the Month: January 2017
Published by Nik 7 years, 2 months ago (2017-04-02T16:10:01+00:00) | Discuss this article

With the Christmas holidays over, many members resumed their projects, causing our list to grow. Let's have a look at how this year began!

  • Aspirin CE: Unicorn continued working on his Aspirin port to the CE calculator. He fixed some bugs, almost finished the mechanics and added a menu. You should visit the thread and see yourself!

  • ASCII and xLib RPGs: Cemetech member Switchblade shared beautiful screenshots of and a download of an ASCII RPG and screenshots of two xLib RPGs he was working on. The graphics are very clean and definitely worth a look, and best of all, those are in TI-Basic!

  • Axe Arcade Game Remakes: In another post, Switchblade showed off some pretty remakes of popular arcade games in Axe, for the monochrome calculators. So go ahead and give him some feedback!

  • Kerbal Space Program CE: TheLastMillennial made lots of progress on his CE port of the popular rocketry sandbox game. He released some code and worked hard on the physics engine.

  • linevolution: _iPhoenix_ created an evolution simulator which evolves lines on the CE. In his own words, the code was written for readability, not speed, but it is easy to edit. You should definitely try it out!

  • Don't touch the white tile: _iPhoenix_ created another program, a "quick and small" arcade game for the color calculators. The code was well optimized by several Cemetechians and is now ready to play!

  • Short Circuit: JWinslow23, as a new member of the programming group Tilda^3, created an electronics puzzle game in pure TI-Basic for the monochrome calculator series! In it, you may place different kinds of wires and logic gates, and must get the current to reach a destination. There are some nice screenshots and a demo which you should see!

  • Spirograph CE: CalcMeister made a Spirograph program for the CE calculator packed with lots of features, and, to my knowledge, he was the first to make one. If you're into graphics or geometry, you should check it out!

  • SuperOP: Cemetechian Battlesquid made lots of progress on a monochrome port of the popular mobile game Clash Royale, and that in TI-Basic! There are some cool screenshots, so visit that thread and have a look!

  • The Oregon Trail: OldNewTimer decided to try and make a TI-84 Plus CE recreation of the video game Oregon Trail. The thread features beautiful screenshots of the backgrounds and menus and the project, while in an early stage, looks very promising.

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: And, to round this list off, 123outerme finally released the long awaited RPG for the TI-84 Plus CE. The thread has tons of screenshots and information, and you don't want to miss the game!

We hope you had a good start into the new year, and can't wait to see all the projects it will bring!