Projects of the Year: 2017
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It has been 4 months since 2017 passed, and it's finally time to vote for the best program of the year. In 2017, many new, interesting programs and games has been developed and released, mostly for the newest calculator, the TI-84 Plus CE. In the past months you could vote for the best program of each month, and now you can vote for the best program of 2017! Let us take a look at the Project of the Months winners:

  • Project of the Month January: Sorcery of Uvutu
    123outerme finally released the long awaited RPG for the TI-84 Plus CSE. The thread has tons of impressive screenshots and information, and you don't want to miss the game!

  • Project of the Month February: 1010!
    KingInfinity decided to port a game he already liked on his iPhone now to his calculator! This arcade game is similar to Tetris, but with slightly different game mechanics. The calculator version has beautiful graphics and is loaded with awesome features! You don't want to miss this!

  • Project of the Month March: Kerbal Space Program USB Control Panel
    Once again, Botboy3000 has shown himself to be one of the most active hardware hackers at Cemetech. By scrapping some old parts, including an old USB keyboard, he created a hardware control panel for the rocketry sandbox game Kerbal Space Program. He posted a cool image and some details about the project. Take a look at the topic, you won't regret it!

  • Project of the Month April: Shades CE
    From Michael2_3B, Shades CE is a zen game that mixes concepts from Tetris and 2048. In version 1.2, Michael2_3B has added some much needed features, like a pause menu and a ghost line which helps identify colors. Shades is a great game if you are looking to have some fun for a few minutes, so go check out the new version!

  • Project of the Month May: Asprin CE
    Unicorn ported the popular reaction game, Asprin, to the powerful CE graphing calculator, using C. He implemented difficulties and fixed all of the problems in his code, and it has been accepted to the archives. Check the thread for a download link and some amazing screenshots!

  • Project of the Month June: Sound on the TI-84 Plus CE
    OldNewTimer has successfully played sound on the CE, using an ICE program he wrote, a photo resistor, and an external speaker. There is a video and explanation in the thread. This one is definitely worth a look!

  • Project of the Month July: Donkey Kong [TI84+CE]
    Another great C game made by Rico! This is a port of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong, made for the CE, where you need to get as many points as you want (like many games, huh?). The screenshots are looking incredible, so don't wait to give it a shot!

  • Project of the Month August: ICE On-Calc Sprite Editor
    CalcMeister finally finished his useful sprite editing tool for the CE this month! This program lets you create sprites for use with the ICE compiler, all without leaving your calculator! He posted some sweet screenshots in his thread, you can't miss them!

  • Project of the Month September: Fishy and Scogger ported to the CE
    Iambian has successfully ported both his Fishy and his Scogger game to the CE, from the 83+ and the 84+ CSE (respectively). In Fishy CE you must become the biggest fish in the sea, while avoiding larger fish, and in Scogger CE you must hop over lily pads and land at the last one with no lily pads left. They both look like fun games that are worth a play!

  • Project of the Month October: Text to Morse Code! (with screen flash) [TI-84 Plus CE]
    Do you ever want to learn Morse Code and want to receive/send it, but you don't have a light and only a calc? No problem, TheLastMillennial made an on-calc program to input text and see the morse code. Using an assembly snippet, the brightness can also change like a real light.

  • Projects of the Month November: Asteroids CE v.1.8 and Symbolic Derivative Solver for TI 84+ CE
    The REAL LAX18 made a cool game where you have to shoot or avoid "asteroids" coming at you! You can find directions on how to get the file in the thread.

    Cemetech newcomer squishy created an amazing project! As the title suggests, it is able to quickly solve derivatives (returning a function, not a value, unlike the TIOS version on the 84+CE) harnessing the power of C! It is really easy to use, too. Go check out the thread for a download (including source) and usage instructions.

  • Project of the Month December: JPL: A game for Color and Monochrome calcs!
    TheLastMillennial has made another great program which is compatible with both monochrome and color calculators! You have to build your own craft, then fly it through checkpoints. Check out the game for more instructions and some fancy screenshots.

And that's it, folks! 2017 has been an amazing year with lots of new programs and games, so what are you waiting for? Try out all the programs from the list above, and choose which one you think is the best.

As you may have noticed, we're catching up with PotM's already, so in the future PotY's will be posted much earlier, hopefully still within January that year after.