Cemetech Contest #22
Published by iPhoenix 5 years, 2 months ago (2019-03-31T05:01:52+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech Contest #22: Sprite Delight is all about letting users customize their game. You can submit a game in any language, for any platform. Games created for this contest should have some kind of menu or editor where the user/player designs their avatar. The options they make while designing their avatar should impact gameplay.

Games can be in any language, for any platform. Your entry must allow players to create their own avatar in some way. Having a list of pre-made avatars to choose from does not count. The result of their design should have an affect on gameplay. This can be as simple as equippable weapons and armor in a combat game or as complex as a game that lets you create and fly a plane. Be creative! You cannot copy or use part of any other program, and no program previously published is eligible; this has to be entirely new. You can choose how exactly you implement this. There must not be any inappropriate content, or any content that discriminates against others. This contest is open to all Cemetech users, whether you’re a contestant or a voter. Voting will be done in a separate thread, and not in this one.

Submitting your program
Submit your entries through email (contest at this website’s domain). Submit it in the same format as you would upload the file to the Cemetech archives. In the readme file, please include a contest specific section that includes the language it’s written in and the platform it was written for. Include any optional screenshot(s) in the submission itself. (If you need help getting screenshots, you should post in this thread). All entries must be in by 11:59 PM EST on the due dates outlined below. You may only submit one entry (if you want to submit an update to your entry, PM either _iPhoenix_ or KermMartian, and re-email your submission).

Please create a thread to document your progress with the title format "CC22: <username>". You are allowed to receive help for this particular contest, provided that it is done publicly on either the forums, or on SAX/IRC. If you receive help from someone, make sure to give them credit!

The contest will begin on March 31st and end on May 1st. Assuming no delays or extensions, voting will start on May 2nd, and end on May 12th.

Good luck and happy programming!