Projects of the Month: May 2019
Published by TheLastMillennial 4 years, 4 months ago (2020-01-02T15:58:55+00:00) | Discuss this article

Although it’s not even 2019 anymore, PoTMs are better served late than never! You guys made a ton of new projects and a lot of progress in the month of May so check out the list of fantastic programs!

  • (Paused) Fruit Ninja CE [C]: Although Michael2_3B has officially paused his port of the popular mobile game, he has been testing out different slice effects which look pretty cool! Go check out his thread for some eye candy!

  • A visual guitar tuner: Diverting from calculator programs brings us to SopaXorzTaker’s guitar tuner! There’s already a download available along with some straightforward instructions so go give it a try!

  • AP Calculus BC Test Assistant Program: Worried about your AP Calculus final test? Well don’t fret since dankcalculatorbro has got your back with this fantastic reference program! It covers quite a few topics and, best of all, by College Board’s own rules, it’s not cheating if you utilize his program during the test so go check it out and save yourself some time!

  • Binary Grid for the TI-83+ series: Jeffitus took a some time off from his port of the Android game Binary Grid, but came right back swinging by updating and posting the project’s code with a whole bunch of optimizations! It’s fully compatible with both monochrome and color calculators so go check it out!

  • Blast Calculator Security Suite: Are you scared that you might be about to run a malicious program that could crash your calculator, or worse? Well ACagliano has got your covered with his antivirus software for the TI-84 Plus CE! He’s working on adding a firewall so go visit the thread to see how it’s going!

  • CEVidium - Video playback for the CE: Iambian has updated his video viewer program for the TI-84 Plus CE with a fancy new front end and some better documentation! There’s a link to the project’s Github page in the thread so go give it a try!

  • DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Powered Game Controller: matkeller19 has started an awesome new project of utilizing a Raspberry pi to create his own Bluetooth game controller! The thread includes a download to the 3D printable files and a lot of cool pictures so go give it a look!

  • DR1VE updates: epsilon5 has continued working on his version of the game DR1VE and finished quite a few big updates! He’s got a lot of progress done so go check out the thread to see them!

  • Epic Adventure [Playtesting]: Love adventure games? Then you’ll adore slimeenergy’s project! It contains over 150 different paths and even has a download so you can try it out already!

  • eZ84+CE: An On-calc ASM Compiler for the TI-84 Plus CE: calclover2514 has made a very cool project that allows you to compile assembly code directly on the calculator! If you’ve ever wanted to give ASM a try but didn’t have a computer, then this will be the perfect program for you! Go look at the thread for some screenshots and show the developer some support!

  • Final Exam Finder Program: dunlavdy had developed a nifty program that will help you determine what grade you’ll need on your final exam in order to get a desired grade! It’s compatible with both monochrome and color calculators so go check it out!

  • FontLibC---C library for fancy fonts on the TI-84 Plus CE: If you’ve ever wanted to spice your program up with a custom, more detailed font then DrDnar’s newly released C library is for you! It supports a wide variety of customizations so go check out the thread for some screenshots and the project download!

  • Forum for OG Pong Program: If you’ve ever just wanted to play classic, original pong then you’ll love dunlavdy’s new project which mimics the 70s look and feel of one of the very first video games! Go see the thread for a download and more details!

  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial got some time to work on his picture viewing project for the TI-84 Plus CE! He’s updated the image converter and started redesigning the UI. Go check out the thread for some eye candy and a beta download!

  • HousePaint CE: Sam’s new project House Paint is a very cool puzzle game port of a mobile game where you have to, you guessed it, paint a house! There’s a link to the Github repository and some addicting screen recordings so go check out the thread and show your support!

  • ICE Sprite Creator - Complete Remake: calclover2514 has done a full rewrite of one of Sam’s projects. He’s added many new, useful features to improve the experience! Go visit the thread for a download and more feature details!

  • Latest News on Star Trek: ACagliano’s has made some fantastic progress on his Star Treck game! This month he’s working on setting up a server for multiplayer! Go look at the thread for more details about it!

  • Life Simulator: bdoggamer is working on a new project which has dozens of choices to simulate a character’s life however you’d like! It has some cool and unique feature and is definitely worth a look!

  • Mahjong CE: commandblockguy keeps pumping out some awesome updates on his Mohjong game! He’s added a lot of GUI improvements and has updated the Github repository with the latest code; visit the thread for the download and more information!

  • Mental Math for the TI 84+CE: Captain Calc just developed and uploaded his very first TI-BASIC program which helps you learn how to compute problems in your head faster than on paper! It’s a cool project so go check out the thread!

  • My New Game: Our new member KODE7 has started a new text-based RPG for monochrome calculators. It’s been a while since the last progress update so go show the developer some support!

  • Star Collector CE: calclover2514 just finished his port of the game Star Collector! It’s an awesome looking project so go check out the thread for some eye candy and the download!

  • Superstar Hero, an action-JRPG made in RPG Maker 2003: xlibman has made a ton of progress on the game Superstar Hero! He’s finished the soundtrack and already has a download for it and the game has a set release date for Steam! Go visit the thread for some great music and the changelog!

  • TI NSpire Sudoku and Generator(Hopefully!): This month awesommee333 picked up an old project and created a Sudoku program along with its own generator for the Nspire CX series! There’s lots of different difficulty levels and it looks pretty spiffy so go see the thread for more details!

  • [TI84+CE] Virtual3D : A full assembly 3D engine: TheMachine02 found a motivation spark to start working on his fantastic 3D demo again! He’s got a spiffy screen recording but it’s been a bit since his last update so visit the thread and show your support!