Projects of the Month: August 2019
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Welcome back for another projects of the month from August 2019! August was quite a busy month, even with school starting back up again for many. Here are our members projects that were worked on this month:

  • Advanced Wait-State Changer. [TI-84 Plus CE]: Cemetech member TheLastMillennial has released yet another small update for this project, in which it prevents newer calculators which are incompatible from running it. If you have a CE this program is a definite must have for speeding up your calculator!

  • An XTREME Golf Game: slimeenergy continued working on his fun puzzle game for the TI-84+ CE! This month he has implemented more user interfaces, improved the playing area and even started setting the game up to handle multiple level layouts. Go check out the thread and show some support!

  • Battleship: After a 5 month wait, BasicTH has made it back to his Battleship game for the CE and is now very nearly done with it! He has added animations, AI improvements, and several other great things to polish it all up. Be sure to nudge the author a bit if you can, we can't wait for a release!

  • Blast Calculator Security Suite (now called Blast File Integrity Software): This month, ACagliano has made a minor but very important update to fix a corruption error with his project. His security program is very useful for monitoring whether your files have been tampered with or even contain dangerous code, so be sure to check it out for more info!

  • Calculatormon CE - A pokemon game: KellerWheat has been hard at work this month adding some major features to this game! There are new graphics, new animations, even a new map, and several other things now. There are some great screenshots in the thread. We can't wait to see this released!

  • Cesium: This month, Cemetech Lettuce Manager MateoConLechuga has rolled out a pre-release of his powerful Cesium shell for the CE that should make it usable on the latest Python Edition and Revision M calculators. If you have a CE, you definitely need this shell!

  • Cube Timer for the TI-84 Plus CE: This month, De2290 has started work on a C program which allows you to time yourself on solving your own rubiks cube! Be sure to show some support!

  • DStar for the TI-84+CE: This month, Cemetech member tr1p1ea has announced and released his port of the game DStar for the CE! In this game you must strategically move to collect diamonds and move around boxes. It looks great so go try it!

  • DungeonCE Development Thread: From Pieman7373, DungeonCE is an incredible looking RPG for the CE, with lots of new features added this month. Some notable additions are a shop overhaul, free play mode, and arrow collisions. The author looks to be making great progress and has some great screenshots in the thread!

  • HD picture viewer [C] [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial's HD picture viewer project has seen some great progress this month. There are still some bugs according to the author, but the new beta release looks to be very polished and allows you to potentially view up to 30 different HD images right on your CE! We can't wait for this one to be released!

  • Number Puzzle: This month, bdoggamer has started work on a cool and simple puzzle game all about sliding numbers around on a table, but you must be strategic in order to get them in the right order. Though minimal, it looks very relaxing if that's what you're into!

  • PineappleCAS - A generic CAS targeted for the TI-84+ CE: This month, Cemetech member squishy has announced the first official release of his computer algebra system for the CE! While it may not be as powerful as the CAS on other calculators, it is still very impressive and can even be accessed through a TI-BASIC program. Make sure to go check out the releases page in the thread and give it a try!

  • RLE Compression Utilities (TI-8x - BASIC): Coding Enthusiast has shared some compression utilities that they've made which can be very useful in your own Basic programs, if you are in need of a Run-Length Encoding algorithm. Be sure to check out his project and download at the link if you are interested!

  • Snap! CE (A Scratch clone): This August, commandblockguy has announced he is working on a Scratch programming environment clone for the CE! He's got the block formats laid out and several other things, and has some great looking screenshots in the thread.

  • Snippet Game Maker: Cemetech user 4k has stated he is starting work on a desktop application that will allow people to make games for the TI calculators! It may even feature a sprite maker of it's own. It sounds cool so make sure to go show support!

  • The Adventures of a Mustard Cat: This month, TheMustardCat has been working hard on his new game, "The Adventures of a Mustard Cat". According to the author, it is an open world RPG in which you must fight enemies and gain strength in order to make it back to your own realm, the mustard realm. There are some very cool screenshots and animations in the thread, so be sure to check it out!

  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: As with many other projects, TI-Boy CE has a minor update this month from calc84maniac which accounts for the newer revision M calculator models. Be sure to download this if you are interested in playing gameboy games on your CE!

  • TI-Craft CE: Cemetech member Coding Enthusiast has announced and released his new minecraft game for the CE, TI-Craft CE! As you might guess, this is a 2-D imitation with some rather beautiful user interfaces and gameplay. Be sure to check out the screenshots and go download it for yourself!

  • Waver CE: Created by epsilon5, Waver CE is a sort of cross between Tunnel and Flappy Bird, created for the TI-84+ CE. This month epsilon5 has announced the release of version 1.1, which improves the gameplay and other minor fixes. Be sure to check it out!

  • [TI-84] Fire & Ice: This month, Brando has announced his exciting project to remake the NES game "Fire & Ice" in z80 assembly for the monochrome calculators! According to the author, in this puzzle platformer, you must eliminate all the fire by strategically maneuvering the ice. It looks amazing already, as there are some great screenshots in the thread! We can't wait to see this one polished and released.

And that's it! Thank you to all of our members for your contributions and to the community for your support on all these projects. Please make sure to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll at the top of this thread!