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More Information Lua3D Smooth Terrain Demonstration [[Screenshots]]
Using the Lua3D library I made, I created a demonstration of smooth voxel terrain. This is not a joke, this is actually 3D smooth terrain on TI-Nspire. You can also modify the terrain, but only inside the zone marked by white lines. You can make overhangs, cliffs, hills, flat terrain, and even sculptures.
More Information Molar Mass Calculator [[Screenshots] [6/10]]
Simply type in the chemical formula, press enter and this calculator will give you the atomic weight for each element in it's composition, as well as the total molar mass!
More Information Riemann Sums [[Screenshots]]
Riemann Sums allows you to input a function in terms of x, an interval, and the number of rectangles. It will then output the left sum, right sum, midpoint sum, and trapezoidal sum.
More Information slang - The Stack LANGuage
Think Joy, but less complete. It is slow, I warn, but it works and has a cool module system. (I may overhaul it and make it faster if I get bored/interested.) Put it in your MyLib folder and poke around a bit in the source; it should be pretty self-explanatory.
More Information To Do Manager
Here is my newest contribution to the Nspire world: a complete task/to do editor. Now you can store tasks in a list, so you don't forget them (e.g. schooltasks). You can assign a title (max 30 chars), a priority (1 is not important, 5 is the most important) and a description. Priority is shown with a color from green to red, and the title is editable after saving it (description is not)
More Information Triangle Solver [[Screenshots] [Reviews]]
This program will solve for the missing angles/sides of any triangle! It will also solve for the area and perimeter, and then draw a picture of the triangle. Features two color themes!
More Information WZGUILIB [[Screenshots]]
PICS INCLUDED This is the Second new and improved WZGUILIB with new controls, a window manager and a new look for forms and dialog boxes. This has Forms, Dialog Boxes, Lables, Picture Boxes, Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Numeric Up Downs and Textboxes. Textboxes now Scroll and dialog boxes and lables support multiline text, Look at the pictures and read the howthisworks file for more information **NOTICE- i have fixed all bugs i have found, you may use fullscreen again. this is no beta this is full blown 2.1 with a tabcontrol.... OK, Ok, Tabcontrol beta but it works prety well NEW windowing system(click anywhere on the forms body to activate it) Try it out... Look at the rest of the images too UNICODE is comming in V3, read the readme to find out when V3 is comming and what else exciting is planned!!! ALSO here are your terms of use: If you mod it, put WZGUILIB--EXTENDED at the top of the source
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