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  1. This is an example, simply so you get the idea of how a mod should be layed out. The descriptors (I.E. NAME:, AUTHOR: etc.) are seperated from the actual string (I.E. Example Mod, CyberPrime etc.) by a TAB.

    Keep in mind that descriptions can be on multiple lines, and will appear as such in the "More Info" window in the game.

    As well, there is a dummy folder hierarchy in place with things like missions, client scripts and GUIs, and server scripts. Please base your mods off these standard folder orders to simplify and make mods more uniform.

    There is also an example Key Mapping file under client/bindings/example.bind.cs that explains how to make key mapping files.

    Finally, see client/scripts/example.cs to see an example of how you can modify existing game functions, and use some basic functionality of the mod system.

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  2. A model of a futuristic fighter plane. Not a vehicle yet, but they tell me they will be buildable soon.

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  3. a Light Bulb dts for use in FreeBuild maps.

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  4. Here is the flatmap from TOB, but re-made from scratch...
    hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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  5. Everyone is flocking to replace their outdated incandescent bulbs with new high-tech Compact Florescent Lights. I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and model my own for use in freebuild maps. This zip features both a 'lit' and 'unlit' version, both of which are suitable anywhere my incandescent bulb fits. Enjoy!

    Updated 9/17 to fix holes. Unlit version better but still has seams, lit version looks just right.

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  6. A Halogen light bulb for use in FreeBuild maps.

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  7. map for use in Freebuild made by fiveforce

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  8. This a detailed wooden door you can throw into any normal-scale(3 meters = 1 story) Torque Constructor room. You can then scale this room by 20 to get a human-scale room in relation to a lego-minifig or plastic-army-man scale player, like FreeBuild uses.

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