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Casio Prizm programs for all versions of the calculator. Some programs designed for earlier versions (the CG10 and CG20) may not work correctly on newer calculators (the CG50). We have a guide for how to put programs on the calculator. Lua programs also need LuaZM to run.



  1. Utilities is an add-in full of functionality not originally found on the Casio Prizm calculators. This includes a JPEG image viewer, file manager (rename, copy, move, search and compress), text editor, clock, chronometers, calendar with events (day, week and month views) and event search, task list, text editor, balance manager, password generator, calculator lock, and much more. Utilities replaces six different add-ins, in less than 185 KiB. Source code is available at: . See for more information and installation instructions, as well as links to download an edition with support for PicoC scripts.

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  2. Amazonka's Lock add-in is minimalistic and very Casio OS looking interface to power off and subsequently unlock your Prizm/Casio FX-CG. It locks the calculator using Casio's built-in User Name password as registered under System manager from MAIN MENU. Even if User Name setup is deleted, the latest available password (if ever registered) will still work. This also means no additional setup or files in main or storage memory are needed to store your password, i.e. resetting main and storage memories without wiping add-ins will not effect the lock functionality. Even deleting User password won't effect the add-in: only user name and org will show in red then.

    |Provided a password was ever registered in System manager
    |==>the add-in will lock and power down the calculator.
    |==>The add-in then request this password on turning the calculator
    |== >If the matching password is entered
    | |
    | |==>the MAIN MENU is returned (now WITHOUT extra pop-ups and subsequent presses of [MENU])
    | or
    | |==>or a bult-in main menu APP of your choice is launched
    |==>If the calulator is left idle beyond the backlight duration setting the add-in will power off the calculator.

    * your choice of where your are taken upon unlock will be remembered by the add-in until you change it (by [Up]/[Down] buttons).

    * If no password was ever registered the add-in will launch System manager instead and navigate you to the where you need to do user setup - please REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!

    Add-in now also has functionality to:
    * show your battery voltage (via [Up]/[Down] selection or [Menu] shortcut);
    * reset the calculator (via [Up]/[Down] selection - useful for anyone who disabled the reset button at back of the calculator);
    * setup auto power off for any amount of minutes interval between 1 and 120 minutes. ([Shift]then [Menu] to setup then [Up]/[Down] to increase/decrease)
    * replace Conversion add-in - just rename this add-in to Conv.g3a and it will enable the same in RunMat (i.e. [Optn] then [F6] in RunMat will have Convert above [F1])
    * other small improvements (Unadmissable characters filter, USB protection)

    Tested successfully on Casio FX-CG20 (OS 02.00.0200 and 01.04.0200).
    On the emulator everything besides powering down/reset works.


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  3. Ths is a pre-release of my shell... please read readme, and review this file, rate and comment.

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  4. Two add-ins: BETA shell-like version of G-PLUS add-in together with an experimental version of G-SHOCK add-in retaining most feature of the following release but is capable of adding time display not only to MAIN MENU status bar but also to the status bar of almost all built in apps (I excluded eAct and Memory apps on purpose, i.e. they will launch but without the time display, also navigating with up/down or right/left buttons from MAIN MENU will remove time display).

    Having this new G-CLOCK on its own will work for most circumstances but Stats and Graphs sometimes have to be stripped of time display, depending on which was launched first basically, and for Stats specifically depending on whether RunMat was launched before, etc…
    Combining both G-PLUS and the new G-CLOCK add-ins enclosed in this archive is designed to eliminate the above problem. Alternatively running just G-PLUS without new G-CLOCK launches RunMat with time displayed in its status bar.
    If you want it to launch another built in app with time in its status bar instead you will need to run SETUP in my password protection add-in Lock first by up/down selection as per please (or ask on the forum if you need clearer instructions or use more options like power options etc).
    For more G-CLOCK details (or last non-Beta release of it) please see and I’m looking forward to your feedback as always.

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  5. Lines XT 3 is designed to emulate a computer operating system. It comes with a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, and an edited version of purobaz's paint program (for better interoperability with Lines). I have also included a command prompt embedded into Lines XT, if anyone cares to use it. You should read the manuals before using these programs as sometimes the user interface is not as intuitive as some people might like it to be. The password for all programs is 7808, and the 'product key' for Lines XT is (pi)A(->)x=5(*10). This newest version has several bug fixes, improved security measures, support for Writer 8 for XT (installable from Writer 8), and other important improvements that Lines XT failed to address properly.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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  6. Lines Polaris is the latest iteration of Lines software. Polaris has been coded with stability in mind, so that users can run whatever programs they like without having to worry about ruining their shell. This version of Lines supports using third-party programs from within the system, so that you don't have to exit Polaris to use other BASIC applications. I've also included Writer 9 and Cells 2, as well as other useful external add-ins for Polaris to show you what Polaris can do. Lines Polaris is also compatible with earlier releases such as Lines XT 3 and Lines Horizons, if you like 'multi-booting' systems. Please read all included documentation to learn how to use Polaris. Feel free to ask me any questions, as well.

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  7. The Lines Horizons OS Family is the next iteration in the Lines OS product line. It is a much-improved version of Lines XT 3, with major updates for installation, system usage, and applications. The Lines Horizons package comes with Cells 1, Writer 8 for Horizons, Paint for Horizons (by Purobaz, edited for compatibility), and Calc 2. There are two system shells in the package, which include Lines Horizons for power users and those who want a more advanced version of Lines XT 3, and Lines Essentials 2014 for users with less memory, those who feel that Lines Horizons is too bloated, or for user that only use the applications that come with Lines. The Lines Horizons program is entitled "LINES~HR", and the Lines Essentials program is called "LNS~SNTL". This update is sure to be a welcome update for users of Lines XT 3, and friendlier to newer users. The product key for Horizons is: log * ∠ i 5 , U (there is no product key for Lines Essentials 2014.)

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  8. This brand-new 'operating system' for Casio fx-CG10/20 calculators has been designed for simplicity and ease of use. I've added things like the older GUI from Lines XT 3, as well as a UNIX-like shell. Lines Fulgens is more user-friendly than its predecessor, and comes with CasiOffice so that you can get started with Lines Fulgens and see its potential. You can use almost any program with Lines Fulgens as well, thanks to a naming scheme that lets Lines Fulgens recognize outside programs as 'native'. It also comes with a mini-game so that you can entertain yourself while using Lines Fulgens.

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  9. Lines System Software version 8 introduces a brand-new interface, called 'Warp', that optimizes speed and simplicity for your calculator, letting you work far faster than ever before. You can also change the look back to the familiar 'Glade' if you prefer. And because Lines Accelerate does not require any product key or extensive setup, you can work with the included CasiOffice suite as soon as possible. Lines Accelerate comes in two types, Red and Blue. Red Edition is smaller in size and simpler to use, while Blue Edition lets you change the look of Accelerate, as well as use advanced tools and features not found in Red Edition. Finally, we've built all this on top of our proven architecture, making it familiar to even long-time users of Lines software.

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  10. This latest version of Lines contains several improvements to the UNIX shell, the system core, and bug fixes for several functions. I have also included a beta Russian version of Lines Nextware, as well as some new programs for CasiOffice, Lines Calculator and Lines Checkoff. Lines Calculator is intended to replace the old Calc program from Lines XT 3, and Lines Checkoff is a virtual checklist. There is also a copy of Nijino OpenUNIX, an open-source version of the UNIX in Lines Nextware, as well as the raw source code for Lines XT 3.

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